North Carolina

Upcoming Events!!

Mecklenburg Cinderella
Novemeber 9th!
Contact Aimee Adams
Lake Norman Cinderella
Novemeber 23rd!
Contact Chris Mineroldi or Amy Welch



Cinderella Prelims ~ A Magical Time!!
NC State Cinderella
Local Pageants

Welcome to the 2014-15 preliminary schedule!! We are so excited to see you at one of our prelims this year!

This is your first step toward making your Cinderella Dreams come true !
Represent your area throughout the year & at our
glamorous NC State Cinderella Finals in June 2015!!

Our Preliminary schedule will be available after September 8th!

Please Check back then to compete in one of our magical prelims!!

For more information please click on the Contact Us tab and send us a email!! We look forward to seeing you!!!



Mecklenburg Cinderella - Nov 9th

Lake Norman Cinderlla - Nov 23rd

Raleigh Cinderella - Feb 15th

Rowan County - Feb 28th

NC Grand State Finals June 11-13th